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Advancement: Your Connection to Union

Langs Lead a Life of Lasting Support

Lang Family

The Lang family is honored by Union College with the commemoration of the Lang Amphitheater. Standing outside the Lang Amphitheater are Kevin Lang '78, Darice Lang, Ramona Lang '65, Jerome Lang '65, Jolene Lang Hilliard '72 and Dennis Hilliard '72.

Jerome '65 and Ramona ('65) Lang have supported Union College for more than 40 years because they want to help students, and they have found a way to help every single student attending Union today and for decades to come.

Union College has experienced a period of renovation and growth over the last 15 years and the Langs have been at the forefront of all of these projects, either through their involvement in board committees or through their leadership role in philanthropic support. From the Ortner Center to a new student center and new spaces for two academic programs in the Don Love Building and finally to the newest undertaking — the 57,000 square—foot Krueger Center for Science and Mathematics, Jerome and Ramona have stepped up to lend their support.

Jerome spoke of Union's latest project, the Krueger Center, saying "This building is a real benefit to all the students at Union College. I'm happy it has all worked out."

And one of the reasons the Krueger Center has worked out is because Jerome and Ramona were the very first individuals to pledge support for the project. Through their leadership and desire to see the dream of a new science and mathematics center become a reality, many other donors were inspired to pledge their support as well. "The entire (Union College) community came together to create a really nice building that will benefit the students and the college as a whole," Jerome added

Jerome recognizes that brick and mortar is merely a tool for the faculty who teach within those walls; their interaction with the students and how they utilize the classrooms and laboratories define the importance of the building. It is the spaces in and out of the classroom where faculty and students gather together to ask and debate life's questions, study and daydream, laugh and cry that allow the spirit of Union College to carry forward from one generation to the next. As Winston Churchill said in 1944, "We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."

To fulfill their pledge of support to the science and mathematics center, Jerome and Ramona chose to give something as tangible as the Krueger Center and of no less permanence than the college itself — a gift of land. "If I was a few years younger I would have developed the land myself, but I just don't have the time. So I think it was best to give it to Union," Jerome explained. Had he sold the land so he could make the gift of cash, he would have had a large capital gains tax bill to pay. By transferring the land to Union College Jerome and Ramona avoided paying any capital gains tax and also received a charitable income tax deduction for the entire fair market value of the land.

Dr. John Wagner, Union College president, greatly appreciates all the Langs have done for Union. "The support Jerome and Ramona have given to Union College has helped transform this campus, especially over the last 15 years, and now we are in a much better position to prepare our students to be the teachers, medical providers, researchers, entrepreneurs and leaders of the future."

The college is pleased to commemorate Jerome and Ramona Lang's generosity and have done so in several of the new or renovated spaces on campus: the Lang Conference and Guest Center in the Ortner Center, the Lang Lounge in the Student Center and the Lang Amphitheater Wing in the Krueger Center.

And yet, after faithfully giving back to their alma mater for nearly half their lives, Jerome and Ramona haven't finished giving to Union College. It's been a priority for them to give to Union during their lifetime and so they have made it a priority to include Union when they give their final gifts from their estate. Jerome and Ramona are proud members of ForeSight, Union's legacy society that honors those who plan to give a gift to Union upon their death.

Jerome explained why he and Ramona are ForeSight members and why they continue to support Union after all these years by saying, "You would like to think you can help students."

Are you interested in helping students as well? If so, please contact Ken Farrow at 402-486-2600, Ext. 2200 or Ken Farrow wants to help you find the best way to help students, too.

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